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PDShred is Locally Owned & Operated, AAA NAID-certified shredding organization located in Tempe, Arizona. We have a rich history of protecting and keeping the highest security over our clients documents and data since 2005.  

Harry A. Coder is our COO, who boasts over forty years of service in the private and public sectors, plus an education in business administration. Harry is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He has provided VIP motorcade escorts to President Ford, President Carter, and then Governor Ronald Reagan. In addition, he has served as security for Bob Hope, Robert Redford, George Kennedy, Tony Bennett, Woody Hayes, and Earl Bruce.  

We continue to emphasize maintaining a staff committed to your security by hiring first responders, and veterans when possible. Our COO and many of our employees’ backgrounds in law enforcement and safety give us a unique edge to easily handle the destruction of intelligence records and provide specialized services like identity theft consulting and secure document storage. 

Though we have been around for decades, we continue to innovate our methods. We grind documents instead of using continuous strip shredding. Grinding eliminates the possibility of reassembly and allows us to tell you with complete certainty that your data has been destroyed. As proud members of the National Association for Information Destruction, we stay abreast of the industry’s latest regulatory requirements and best practices. Our continuing education and passion for excellence translate into providing Arizona’s finest shredding and document destruction service. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Each year we save millions of trees. Our facility’s destroyed/ ground paper is sent to paper mills and transformed into everyday consumer products like tissue paper, paper towels, and toilet paper. 

We look forward to keeping your data protected! 

What is Secure Paper Shredding?

Secure paper shredding is a must-have for any business concerned about protecting client information, safeguarding intellectual property, securing information obtained under non-disclosure or preventing corporate espionage. Sensitive information that falls into the wrong hands can have devastating consequences for a business and consumers alike. For this reason, the destruction of personal information and patient information is often required by law. Professional service companies should be aware of the legislation regarding the safeguarding, retention and destruction policies for their industry. For example, medical and healthcare professionals must make sure that certain records are destroyed on a daily basis.

Why Outsource Shredding Services?

Putting an employee in charge of document destruction is not only risky but also an inefficient use of your payroll. Service charges vary, but in general, you will save about 17% by hiring our service rather than trying to do it yourself. From a security standpoint, employees should not have access to the documents or shredded files. Although there are government regulations regarding what documents must be destroyed, there are few regulations concerning how the destruction should be completed.

Using a typical office shredder does not provide the highest level of security. It is possible for thieves to reassemble the documents. Using a service like Premier Document Shredding ensures the documents cannot be reassembled by anyone. Written documents might not be the only thing that your company needs to destroy. Data stored on CDs or DVDs may be a security risk. X-rays, videotapes and other items should be disposed of properly, not simply thrown out with the trash. An office shredder cannot handle those items.

Why Choose Premier Document Shredding?

At Premier Document Shredding in Arizona, we use state of the art document destruction techniques to effectively destroy all physical media types. Our shredder grinds documents into a paper fluff that cannot be recognized or reassembled. The security of your business’ information is our first priority and we take great measures to ensure our facility, equipment and people meet the highest possible standards. As a proud member of the National Association for Information Destruction, we stay abreast of the latest regulatory requirements and best practices in the industry. Our continuing education and passion for excellence translates into providing Arizona’s finest shredding and document destruction service.

Each year we save thousands of trees. The destroyed/ ground paper from our facility is sent to paper mills and transformed into everyday consumer products like tissue paper, paper towels, and toilet paper.

To learn more about our services and receive a free quote, please call (480) 829-0089 in Central Arizona or (520) 461-1709 in Southern Arizona or contact us.

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HOW DO WE CHARGE? We use a Small size banker box (Standard 15”x11”x10”) and Large size (legal 15”x24”x10”) as seen in the picture. The paper does not have to be in a box, this is just used for measurement purposes. Call or email us and we can give you an accurate quote: 480-829-0089

(Standard 15”x11”x10”)

(legal 15”x24”x10”)

What our customers are saying about us.

Norm K7NWFNorm K7NWF
22:31 07 Mar 23
This is our favorite shredding location. Loaded up my truck with 14 boxes to be shredded, the warehouse employee unloaded all the boxes from my truck. As a senior, I really appreciated the service. Office help was also friendly and professional. I will continue to use there service’s in the future. This is one of the reasons I returned. Thank you also for the military discount. You guys are awesome.
David GoodisonDavid Goodison
15:53 10 Feb 23
This company is outstanding. On time and very affordable. I used them before and will definitely use them again. Professional and polite and on time! Thanks!
21:02 12 Dec 22
My company worked with Premier Doc Shredding for 9 years and always received great service including friendly and timely pickup each month (we had a 3-foot shredding bin emptied every month). They will also pick up extra shredding as needed along with 1-time service; we had a lot to pick-up on our move out! 🙂
Stephanie WhiteStephanie White
16:53 07 Mar 22
We recently did a Shred Event with PD Shred and had the best experience. Tom was so helpful in coordinating the event and the day of the event Joshua incredible. He was not only efficient, but friendly and helpful. He truly went above and beyond.
Mary RyanMary Ryan
17:43 12 May 21
This is the first time I used this service and I was greatly impressed. We were met at the docks by Sam, who was very friendly and accommodating and helped carry our bags of documents indoors to the facility. He explained their process and then directed us to the front office, where I met Silvia. She was very friendly and has great customer service skills. She asked if I needed a certificate with the receipt and I said yes, which she promptly gave me. This whole experience, based on these two employees, exceeded my expectations. I will be back if I have further document shredding and will recommend your service to others. Thank you!
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